Monday, August 18, 2008

We fell up to see the rows. Gardening at night.

I can't explain it. Okay, here's the scenario. I'm sitting at my desk working. We're a small, locally, family owned business who would rather keep overhead low and enjoy better vacations because of it! So I don't have a window. Not that big a deal, I know a lot of people that don't have windows. But I also rarely get outside during the workday. I mean I'm pretty much buckled down, working hard in spurts, get up to pee, fax something, back to the desk. Again not that big a deal. It makes the time pass really quickly and to save money and lose weight, I don't eat out for lunch hardly ever. So I don't see the daylight but when I come in and when I leave most days.

And so I'm sitting there, working, Funk radio just isn't cutting it, and I just feel it. It has to be raining, right? It happens every so often. I just know it's storming out. Do I want it to be storming out? I check, and it's no closer to rain than I am to giving up Michael Phelps mania.

So what gives? I check online, and come across rain in dream interpretation. "Rain tends to link to things that are unsettling you." Which there has been a lot unsettling me lately so I guess it makes sense. But something particular about today? Hmmm I would love nothing more to curl up in my orange blanket, next to a fire, it's cold and wet outside, hug mug of French Press coffee (I will master this!)

I feel like my desire for forgiveness, to live in a forgiving world, has been tested. Maybe that's it. Maybe that's all of it.
In other, better, less random news, I can fit into my fancy underwear from college! HAHA!!! Every girl keeps her keepsake precious things and I now, again, once again, fit into mine. Meaning I'm almost the same size as I was mostly through college. My wedding dress falls off me. This little bit of red fabric has been a real motivator! I should frame it!

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