Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Decided

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I think that one's my favorite. No correction. It's a favorite.

Oh my. Please. Yes. If you love me, please buy me any and all.

I so need to be in California NOW! $15 frequent flyer plane ticket here I come!

So I totally gave in and bought a whole bunch of pop off itunes. I don't necessarily want the whole albums but the singles, spot on!

Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl (although Hubs would admit, my version is So.Much.Better. Opera style! ha)

Solange's I Decided. GOD so hot. Such a hot song. HOT HOT HOT. I am such a Soul girl, Diana Ross, never Bouncy but always Solange! Here's the song and video below. Totally work safe. Play it and they'll think it's your radio. So doo-wop. So Shangri-Las. So PERFECT!

The funny thing is, I'm such a nerd, the guy is playing a Fender Rhodes but come on! Everyone knows the music line is an actual piano. Still ok. Huge fan.

Whatever, have you seen her makeup?!

I love it! when women rock those crazy colors.

(I know it can be a little too tranny disco, but still fun.)

this girl

that girl

and of course, Mimi!!

haha Ohio!

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