Tuesday, August 12, 2008

we are not the same I am a martian


It's probably not safe for work, the you tube link, unless you can wear headphones and not worry about Big Brother's opinion of you. But for those of you not convinced you need to own the new Lil' Wayne album, I had to put one of the best songs up to show you how ill informed you are.

It's like Parliament and Wu Tang Clan had a baby and named it Lil' Wayne. As you can tell from the creepy album cover on the you tube clip, Lil' Wayne was born crying tears for the streets. And he lets you know all about it.

Husband introduced me to the gem of an album on our way to a family reunion. Nothing like listening to old school, hard core rap on the way to a church gathering. It really got me in the spirit.

Anyway, sucking on these, and swallowing all pride, you should go buy this. Or steal it off the internet. I don't think Lil' Wayne cares. Seriously. You have 13 bucks to spare.

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