Monday, August 11, 2008

Buy the sky and sell the sky and lift your arms up to the sky and ask the sky

Booberry, the sadly, the left behind, of the cartoon monster mash cereal brands. Remember that guy? We are planning a baby shower for my friends Gonads and Dr Poops (long story) and they're having a boy (nickname TBD) and we were thinking blue cupcakes. With little plastic babies to go inside them. It's equally as creepy as it will turn out fun! Because any baby shower mixed with alcohol, to make those non pregnant feel better, provides fun memories as to how your own child was conceived, exactly 9 months later! Woo!

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Dear Husband, I have completely found your Halloween costume:

Also, while on this little trip, remember these little records you used to could get with boxtops and shit. I had the McDonald's one, a Peter Pan one, and a Disco duck one! They were so flimsy and shitty. But wow. I felt special. We never got cool foods in my house when we were growing up. The closest thing I can remember is the ice cream truck came to our neighborhood some times and my dad used to let me peel the red rim off the baloney for our sandwiches. He was a single dad in the early 80s. Can you really blame him? But everynowandthen, one of my parents would feel guilty enough when they were slurping Tab and my brother and I had no sweet treaties to speak of, and they'd buy us some terrible sugar cereal. Exploding on our sugar high, we would go out, not to be seen for 4-5 days. When we finally arrived home, mom would have the record player set up with those cute little rubber records. Or whatever they were. Sweet.

Anyway, this is funny:

It finally rained!!!


SP said...

Big Mac McDLT a quarter pounder with some cheese, filet-of-fish a hamburger a cheeseburger a happy meal, McDonalds tasty golden french fries regular and larger sizes! We had the record too!!

Sweet Pee said...

Oh and I talked with Anne this weekend and she told me the Nads-Poops baby is going to be named O. C. D.! Whoa.