Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It is Soul Makossa!

What a wonderful day! Aside from the fact that my headband is slowly pinching my brain out of my ears, I still look good! ha

First off, just visit the Onion homepage today. So many options. So little time. Cooter Obama (see above), Olympic fever, Least Popular Widgets, God I love the Onion. My dear Chrissy used to bring them to us (in real live paper form!) back when they were based in Wisconsin or Chicago or somewhere thereabouts. WAAAY before they moved to NYC. I'm just that cool. No, but she is!

The Olympic madness was awesome last night. We just couldn't go to bed, well Hubs did, but I couldn't. The women's diving was pretty cool, water polo (so that's how that's played), Michael Phelps, Michael Phelps, Michael Phelps!!!, and then the women's fall down gymnastics. Both Chiner and the USA were sucking it up. But I ain't mad at'cha. Ain't no way in hell you'd ever see me shatter my ankle on a balance beam. I can do that walking on the street just fine thanks!

And then this answers our question. I mean wow. I knew that guy would have to eat a lot. It takes a lot of food to fuel such a power house. But 12,000 calories a day?!?! Funny, for all the ads, I didn't see that Phelps was eating much McDonald's in there. What those crooks will lead you to believe!

Getting on with it, but sadly, not getting it on.

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Anonymous said...

What the heck is "Chiner"

Get it right. It's China.