Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Let it whip!

A woo hoo!

I've found another reason why my kind of dog is supremely the best:

The check out part at the end is my favorite.

Awww I love my Wilbur. My Wuppy Puppy. Mon cheri mon. Mon mon.

PS Let it Whip by the Dazz Band. Totally completely utterly ants in your pants dance action.

OH! and speaking of. Hubs also introduced me to GirlTalk (the link is name your own price download, highly so worth it!) and OOOOOOOOOOO!! I'm so in love (it gets a little old about halfway through) but why didn't we have this for all our dance parties? He's the apex of dj-ing. The best in the world?

Where does Hubs find all this good music?!?!

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