Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You need a change of mind

Maybe I'm just blind.

Husband emailed me that the head of the Arkansas Democratic Party was shot at HQ today. Link here.

My dad called me at work wanting to talk about it. Well we all know the political environs at work, but fuck it. I was upset. It's scary. My dad, who hid his secret wish for Obama from my mom, a die hard Hillary constituent (we're a bit yellow dog, if you couldn't tell), is really worried it's white supremacists or ignorant rednecks convinced Obama is going to turn us Taliban.

People are so stupid you know. I'm not sure. A similar gunman was spotted at the Baptist Convention downtown, that's close but not next door to the Dem HQ, but I'm thinking that was probably rumor. Things get started so quickly in a small area when people are scared. And really, who wants to shoot a Baptist?

I told my dad it easily could be rednecks as not. You just never know these days. Nothing was stolen from the HQ that they've determined so far. Just crazies. White men crazies. Dad, who has always been very involved in bettering race relations in our state, starting way back when, when he was the only white kid on an athletic scholarship to Hendrix (a small liberal arts college that used to have sports), is worried for Obama's safety. There's a lot of hate out here, you know, my dad says. I know, I say. But I tell him chin up. That, as Husband and I have talked, maybe now that my generation is growing older, we'll be less tolerant of such unjust ways. That we'll see a peace keeper no matter his color or supposed religious background (hey I married into the Church of Christ, they're crazy!! haha!). That we're tired of warmongering. That we're tired of being cast in this 9-11 shadow of conspiracy and doubt and playing off fear.

I think Tom Tomorrow said it best when he said "Fuck you man. I still remember how 9-11 smelled."

I tell my dad these things and he sighs. Just like how my Husband sighs. They think I'm too new soul. Too naive. Surprised I actually am a patriot, believe in my country and it's people. Think people are smarter than they really are. Believe that they keep blinders up because they don't know any better. As Hubs points out, people keep blinders up because it's easier to do so.

But then again.

More Tom Tomorrow links.

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