Wednesday, August 6, 2008

16, clumsy, and shy. I got a room at the Y-WCA.

I said I like it here, can I stay?

J'adore The Smiths. Back in the day, just after college when my world had completed it's falling apart and I was just starting to put Humpty back together again, my little group, les artistes batards, would pass our nights sitting at my house and eating dinner, listening to The Smiths, someone would be painting, Texas Chainsaw Massacre would be playing in the background, we would venture to JR's, stay there all night speaking to each other in French and Spanish, talk about how wonderfully complicated it is to be us, sit in each other's laps, find each other someone to go home with, finally fall asleep in the wee hours, get up and do it all over again. I wouldn't trade those memories in for anything, not even the one most thing I desire. It was always something with us. And it was always fun. We were probably too careless with each other. It's times we'll never get back.


Oh just finished an HIV critical care workshop that lasted a long long looooooong time in dear, sweet, nasty Pine Bluff.

So in need of caffeine and more shopping.

Last night with Piper was a blast. I scored me the cutey-est saddle bag and some classic 80's Ray-Bans. I completely caved and bought more MAC for myself, Lord knows I didn't need it, but you know I have all the blues, yellows, greens, and pinks of the MAC world. I really did need just some browns. I'm also proud to report, I'm a Medium at little stick figure world of Forever 21. Take that and shove it! But don't worry. Baby still got back, just a whole lot less of it, apparently.

Then it was shrimp salad, Albarino (this lovely, easy white wine), and Mexican Hot Chocolate gelato (don't even GET me started, drool) and John Thomas's restaurant, Za Za's. I'm so proud of him. That placed was booked solid even on a Tuesday night.

It was fun to say the least. Now I need to go back and finish what we started.

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