Monday, August 4, 2008

Garbo as the Farmer's Daughter

“What we notice when people age,” he says, “is that our fat pads start falling, the cheeks start dripping down, and we start losing volume in the upper face and it causes sagging in the lower face. You lose what we call the ‘youthful convexities’ of the face. And the convexities are the fullness and the roundness. And they get broken up into uneven planes. Instead of being one smooth convex plane, it becomes hills and valleys.” He pauses for a moment. “God, I wish I had my slideshow.” quoth the good Dr. Brandt, from NY Mag.

God being a woman who cares (the tee-incy-est bit all the way to the whole she-bang) is really scary and tough. I'll admit, at 28, I've already had a Botox consultation. And then m'lady Frankie shamed the hell out of me about it, scared me away, boo hiss ugly ugly to only inform me a month or so later, she, too, had her own consultation. Frankles! I'll get you yet!

But I mean really. Being a carbon copy of my mother, I know exactly where I'm going to need to boost God's beautiful creation, so to speak. Why not start now? I've got some spare change.

I mean it's nothing for a girl our age to get a boob job or boob reduction. Lipo is a bit rare, but I think that's just bc we're in Arkansas. And besides that's way more real surgery than I'm even talking about. I mean a little eyelid work (although Brenticus scared me from ever losing my sleepy eyed look, hmmm), little brow lift, little lip plump (although for the time being, DuWop lip venom is amazing, and painful!)

Maybe I'm just in a girly mood. It's Piper week this week and she is so girly she always brings the girly girl out of me. Tonight is dinner and a movie. Then tomorrow, while Husband is off working in Memphis, she and I get to go shopping! I'm treating us to a new MAC lipstick each (perk of owning so much MAC, when you're ready, you can trade it in for new goods!!) I'm thinking Culture Clash lipglass.

Hmmmm it's a day of hot links! haha

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