Monday, June 23, 2008

Your homegirl's on the line, but you're daddy's off the hook

These are in top rotation in my life right now. I was going to "widget (whatever the hell that means)" them to Itunes but then that means I would have had to bought them from Itunes and f-that. I don't buy music anymore. I gift it.

So if you want this in burned, mixtape form, mail me like $5. It's really a deal on your end. Or don't be cheap and find these songs yourself. They are all available on said Itunes.

You have to listen to them in order though. Like a real mixtape. TAPE. CASSETTE. No cheating. There is a real story here, a swell. Order for a reason, greater purpose. Welcome in your lizard brain. Do it because you trust me and you've been wanting to add a little adventure to your life. It's a fun summer mix. A little saucy, a little nasty, nothing too sad or serious, just swaying like a summer breeze.

1. Lotus -- R.E.M.
2. Channel Z -- B52's
3. (Nothing But) Flowers --Talking Heads
4. The Pinocchio Theory -- Bootsy Collins
5. Silent Sigh -- Badly Drawn Boy
6. Long Line of Cars -- Cake
7. Heart of Gold -- Tori Amos
8. The Ocean -- Led Zeppelin
9. Sledgehammer -- Peter Gabriel
10. Wake Up Alone -- Amy Winehouse
11. Sugar Walls -- Sheena Easton
12. Supernatural Superserious -- REM
13. Express Yourself -- Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
14. Your New Twin Sized Bed -- Death Cab for Cutie
15. Downtown Life -- Hall & Oates
16. Girl, You Need a Change of Mind -- Eddie Kendricks
17. Atomic Dog -- George Clinton
18. Brighter than Sunshine -- Aqualung

I love you! Enjoy!

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