Wednesday, June 25, 2008

my Catherine Wheel

ugh. We were robbed Monday night. Smash and grab. Husband was still out of town until late this afternoon. I was luckily bored and over at Piper's house with the dogs. Our front door is pretty smashed up. They got our tv, PS3, cable box (??) and GTAIV but that's it luckily. I haven't slept more than an hour about every third hour since. I can't stop crying in fits either. It was just so surreal and terrifying to come home, cops there, guns out. It will get better and I already feel fine back in the house. But it's just the panic attacks that are still with me. And that I'm ready to shake. And the adrenaline that's been pumping through my veins. I've eaten more in the last 2 days than, like, ever, and actually lost weight. Crazy adrenaline.

Anyway, I will possess your heart.


Sweet Pee said...

:( Hang in there Sully!!

Sam K said...

Yikes! least they stuck to the basic stealables..?

Hope the sleeping increases and the adrenaline decreases very soon.