Monday, June 23, 2008

Getting nothing but static on Channel Z

B-52's, let me count the ways. But according to this photo, they're getting on up there.

Okay sorry Barrett and everyone else but I just couldn't do the new Portishead. UGH! It was terrible but then I'm really digging the new Death Cab album (minus a few songs). Maybe it's my current mood? My horoscope for this month told me to stay away from the dark side for the whole month lest I really enjoy it and not want to come back. Baby, I'll be your darkness.

I had to sadly let Hubs know his favorite, George Carlin, just died yesterday. He's in "meetings" on the beach until Wednesday and doesn't have as much access to the internet. He was really bummed. I'm personally not a huge fan but I did enjoy the man after being forced to sit through multiple specials with my mate. I don't think he was all that old either. 71 seems like it should be younger.

Anyway my weekend was perfect. Alone time in the sun poolside. Worked a bunch in the yard, of course, ate yummy ice cream, worked out a lot, caught up on some medical dramas on tv. I never sleep well when Bubs isn't there but at least I had 2 stinky cheries at my side.

This week, many projects, Sex and the City (attempt numero cinco), working out, the weekend and then next weekend is the beach, BEE-ACH! woo hoo!

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Bee-yarrett said...

I suppose that's okay about ye olde Portishead (seeing as though the new album sounds distinctly different from their first two ventures).

[Sung in a Pete Townshend/Roger Daltrey falsetto duet] "You are forgiven!"