Thursday, June 19, 2008

What a fool believes

Empty Threats: Lameliar, this bud's for you! Icy hot! It looks very cold there. Could you imagine just coming across this thing, floating there, at the bottom of the world?

Well I got over my hump. I have lost 16 pounds! I'm getting all these (weird) muscles everywhere but I wasn't really losing. Turns out eating more (with all the exercise I've been getting) was the key! I'm gonna be smokin hot! on the beach for 4th of July! You know, show off to my family...? haha Anyway I was getting frustrated and now I'm not. Thank you healthy living!

Work is crazy good right now. We are looking to expand (because we desperately need to) an extra 4000 sf. This warehouse we're looking at conveniently placed right behind our current warehouse is seriously the size of an airplane hangar. It's HUGE! It's always scary growing (I know that better than most. 2 retail locations has to be better than 1, right? Ah if only I knew then what I know now. Run AWAY from retail. Do not go gently into THAT sweet night, sorry Dylan) and I completely understand the hesitation felt on all parties. But it's something we have to do before it's gone. And we have to pray the gov't keeps taking care of us.

Time to switch to my new Louis purse! It's summertime baby!

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Sweet Pee said...

16 pounds! You go girl! You are going to be the hottest mama in southern Cal/northern Mexico. Get thee to the donkey show!