Thursday, June 19, 2008

Girl, you need a change of mind*

I have extremely cool friends. One, SamRex, well this is his website (since he's seemingly abandoned hat w/ sunglasses, boo!), and another Lovell, is working under Tom Huck (subject of said link), all apprentice like. They keep me hep.

Something like that.


Ever have your mind floored?

I had to run a quick errand at lunch and with windows rolled down, I'm singing along to the radio. (What a Fool Believes AGAIN! I'm so lucky.) All sudden-like I get this old memory of me and my dad. He was a dentist and died when I was just about to turn 6. We were extremely close and needless to say, I have only recently gotten over it, and that really because I just forget. I forget what he sounded like. What he smelled like. Sometimes I have to look at pictures to remember what he even looked like. It's sad but true. You have someone you barely knew disappear for the last 22 years. Poof. Magic.

And so, I'm driving and it's beautiful outside. Hubs and I are working on filling out our papers to get us signed up for the Arkansas Community Foundation which is like a bank account charity. You put money in, they have so much that it gets super interest, and then you tell them who you want to give the money to. It's a very important duty, I feel, and we can so why not. But that's not the point. What is is that one of the charities is the Boys and Girls Club of Arkansas. Where my dad was a huge pillar. He was on their board. He was down there all the time working or volunteering. He loved it there. And so much so that my oldest brother is or was heading it up down there doing whatever he does (we don't talk you know).

And I got this powerful memory of helping my dad hold his giant blue hard plastic tooth while he used this big red toothbrush to brush it to show the kids at the Club how to brush their teeth. He was always down there after working all day giving free teeth cleanings to these poor kids. And apparently, I had forgotten this completely, I was his assistant.

It's a very comforting memory. But, you see, the problem with having such old memories is you can't trust them. I could be making it all up for all I know. That's the hard part. I don't know. Poof. Magic.

I wonder what happened to that tooth.

*Thanks Eddie Kendricks. I needed that.

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