Friday, June 6, 2008

On an evening such as this // It's hard to tell if I exist

Ok multiple notes here that actually do come together.

I've been driving Hub's truck since he has a company car and it doesn't get driven that much. And I actually like driving the truck. Somehow it makes me feel more girlie. Anyway, to the guys in the convertible today, I appreciate the compliment!

This past weekend, Casillas and us were talking about the blah-ization and urban sprawl that the LR suburbs have taken and how gross it is and I hate going out west (exception being the new big imax movie theater just in time for Batman!) and everyone hates going out there unless you live out there and it's fine for some but we are all glad we live "in town" so to speak.

So I was driving the truck to take the books to the accountant in Argenta (the revitalized downtown NLR) and I got off the freeway strolled through downtown, crossed the bridge, all at a very slow pace because I was watching the tourists on the trolley, watching the people crossing the new ped. bridge, and generally having a great time. And it hit me. I love being in LR. I really really love being here.

It's not the biggest city but we can't afford to have the nice life we have in a big city. It's personal. It's personable. There's so much more available to do and see an d be here than there was 11 years ago. I'm just really happy here. And I finally realized it driving that truck through town, a Barenaked Ladies song on the radio (I have such a soft spot for those guys), and me. Barrettes in my hair. Driving in a little white truck with manual roll down windows.

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