Friday, June 6, 2008


Milla Collins Andrews was born yesterday and she's adorable! Yippee!!

We finally watched Hotel Chevalier and The Darjeeling Limited last night. In how I loved about The Darjeeling Limited, I really felt detached from and almost disliked Hotel Chevalier. And not for any personal reasons but I just felt like I was supposed to identify so much and get so much out of the short that I didn't. It's like at a funeral where you're supposed to feel really sad or at a birth where you're supposed to feel really happy, and you don't. And again (sugar sugar, honey honey) it's nothing personal. It's just not that important. You try and you try and then, you feel nothing. That great disconnect we all seem to be equally striving for and against.

I don't know. The movie was wonderful. Lovely. Hilarious. I truly enjoyed it and the disconnect of the characters from one another, from their real lives. The irony was not missed on me how even though I say I felt nothing, both films rather exactly mirrored circumstances in my past life and present and I'm glad they were presented as such, a time line manner, instead of in flashbacks. The message was resonated that much more strongly in doing so.

And I want so badly to go to India.

But I think it's a good thing how I could see my life past and present in the films and feel okay about it. Not upset or saddened or joyful. Just am. I just am. It is enough. And I think that's a good way to prove (even though that's an awful use of the word here but you know what I mean) to myself, show myself, that what has passed has passed. And I long for being sentimental about it. But sentimentality is dangerous, makes you only remember the good things.

From here on out, and I think a good message the film tries to relate is, I wipe the slate clean. I forgive. I give. I move on. and I'm happy for it.

You and me, let's all start over.

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