Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Give me everything 'Cause what you give you get So give me everything

The 2 Maddies. She'll be a pretty pretty garden, a pretty garden, yes.

Ha ha one of my first tapes (yes, a tape) was Deee-Lite's World Clique. I literally wore it out, bought it again, wore it out again and then I think by that time, cds were around. I probably bought it on cd. I can't remember. Anyway. They are all over the radio again and I love it! They were so cheesy looking but I adored them. The Motown-Disc-Funk. If I was lucky, back in the Fayetteville single lady days, someone would put them on in between !!! and Jackson 5 at a dance party. Gawd, those were the days!
I mixed bizness with leather
Christmas with Heather
Freaks flock together

We just watched No Country for Old Men** and I was pleasantly surprised. I read the book right before the movie came out after The Road (which they are also making a movie of) and it was ok. Really only just ok. And I love all of McCarthy's other books. But then seeing the movie it was perfect. I completely understood. The book was as a set of directions for the film. The film was an exact play by play of the book, to the T. But it was such a visual book that it needed the film to be truly successful. I, for one, don't have any problems with this. I think in today's age it's pretty cool that we can marry such old and new technologies. How Gutenburg must be further disintegrating in his grave. A book a talkie! ha.

But it was really good. Really creepy. Sometimes it's hard to clearly see what McCarthy's trying to say (see Child of God, I had more A-Ha moments than Take On Me, ha get it du dum dum). Modern Faulkner and the like. Whatever. I don't have to lit crit anymore.

**Somehow, well through my brother, we got a copy of an Oscar preview version of the film. The world is small. I like it.

Yesterday I counted. I used the fax machine some 56 times. How is that possible when I still don't understand how a fax machine even works? They didn't teach about that in Quantum Physics and the Spiritual Self that's for sure. Ha and my prof that looked like Jiminy Crickett.

Maddie's 7th birthday is Saturday. Anybody know what to get a princess on a princess's birthday? Who is the fairest of them all?

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