Friday, January 4, 2008

the road ain't no place to start a family

Our morning alarm is set to the cheesy adult contemp. radio station bc that's the only one we can get in clearly. The last 3 mornings we've woken up each time to Journey. "I'm forever yours...faithfully..FAITHFULLY!!!" haha. Or whoever sings those songs. Anne would know. She loves Journey. ha!

So have you seen all this crazy shit on Brit Brit? That poor poor woman. Totally another reason why just because you're over 21, doesn't make you an adult. sad. But I love it. that's sad too. But I need it!!

Renovating the bathroom is becoming a royal pain in my arse. How do people work and coordinate estimate appts? They work when I work! argh! We've decided to shuck the whole totally pink and lighter pink tile in the shower, sink, and floor. We're going to reglaze all the original pink 1958 tile (such a travesty I know but really it's just awful, not like our wonderfully chic pink and brown tiled guest bath-I'm not being facetious here) and then hopefully you can reglaze pink floor tile too (yes it is pink head to toe-I will try and post pics later) so that it will be all white and then paint the bit of wall a rich chocolate brown and throw some light gold with coral piping curtains, a new mirror, tada! Hubs won't let me get a pedestal sink (damn him!) but I think it will look really groovy all said and done. And then a new, cut glass shower door. Yea!

And then maybe we'll actually use the 2nd of our 2 house bathrooms.

Planning a high school reunion is really, really expensive. At 200 people, $50 per person for a nice, nighttime, everything we could possibly want included is A:average price, B:getting a ton for our money, C:costs $10,000!!!! HOLY SHIT!

That's got to come out of my pocket until people start paying up!!!

Please tell me my math is off.

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