Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's gonna take a miracle

Laura Nyro, you're my hero.

Blame it on the Wayne, where are you?

I've never walked so hard in my life as last night. climb climb climb thank you Kanye West's Stronger and A+ Setup's No City for getting me through it. Incline vs speed, I'll always take incline.

It's been SO cold. Puppy just looks at us like, I can hold it! We've been building fires every night. It's good.

After work it's run to the plumbing supply store and get us some goodies to renovate our master bath this weekend! woo fun plumbing times! And then I guess we're going to the viewing with my mom? I'm not really sure what's happening there. Eat some dinner. Get ready for Fritag. I'm so ready for the weekend. These days off in the middle of the week is screwing with me!

OH and I'm such a dingaling thinking it would cost us $5K to go to Japan when it's only half that for the both of us for 7 days! woo!! Japan in September. I hope that's a good time to go!

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