Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A change in your America

When it's time, this is what I want to grow my 'fro into. (She looks so much like old pics of my moma from the 70s here. Is that the attraction? Part of it?)

Eeek! So excited. New York coming up. Then Las Vegas! And Husband's Christmas present finally arrives today so I can go ahead and give that to him! We're no good at waiting-He's already given me mine! A loverly yellow gold on one side and white gold on the other fine, delicate omega chain. It was too adorable having him explain an omega chain to me. He's so on, always trying to get me beautiful jewelry, always with the promise that the jewelry will get bigger and better as time goes on, like I need to hear that, like I don't just know that about him, like he still has to convince me that he's the best for me, for us. It makes me smile big times smiles!

So yes, going back to New York. We went for part 1 of our honeymoon (Ireland was part 2) and before that I used to go about once a year for work or fun, to visit friends. It's so strange to me that at one point in my life I tried so hard to get there. My dream jobs were to start at Maxim in NY, work my way to Chicago and Playboy. Live my magazine dreams (I love both those magazines, still subscribed along with Elle and Vogue up until a few months ago when I ended all my magazine subscriptions for actual books) but then I had my car wreck, moved, PT and graduate school, moved, dated a guy (and ended up marrying his best friend), opened my stores, closed them, moved. And all in that time, I kept feeling this tug towards NY, that eventually became the slight pull it remains now. It was better I never made it there in the first place. Real fist of God kind of shit. And I've had a few chances to get there since. Job opportunities that I applied for and were offered to me. Marni that I couldn't get. Wal-Mart that I could. (How depressing is that? haha)

But my life needed a man like Husband in it. I owed my family some respect. I owed myself some respect. My family needed me to work for them. I needed to work in the real world. All in all, things turned out just fine. But Jesus, what a trip.

So now there's a long weekend in the city to celebrate the holidays with moma and Christmas in Las Vegas to celebrate our 1st anniversary with Husband. And along in there I get to see The Lion King and Beatle's Love (again!!!). So much Broadway!

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