Monday, December 10, 2007

the stars gather you back to their home

The 1st Annual Wilson Holiday Fancy Party was a huge success. My food was good, the house looked great, everyone looked so smart all dressed up, we had good fun. Part of me wished I could have stayed up longer but I was so exhausted!

"Should we break some bread? Are you interested?"

Favorite new song: Waiting by Mary McCaslin, popular folk singer in the late 70s. You know I could really care less about the male folk singers of the time. Bob Dylan just doesn't really interest me at all, never has, but then you have some of these women, armed with a guitar/harp/autoharp and talking about giving away their babies, taking magical journies to lands without war, being the persona of Mary Magdelene (see McCaslin), supporting their man's needle habit or drink. Aside from Knockin' of Heaven's Door (which really is such a well written premise, such gospel feel), you can keep 'em.

Yesterday was such a great, post party, sitting by the lit fire, eating leftover mini-quiches kind of day. Watched alot of movies. The Clint Eastwood Iwo Jima movie (eh, I heard the Japanese pov one was much better, hopefully, this one was fairly boring), Alpha Dog (which was surprisingly Wonderful! Really intuitive, even JT did well), the latest Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job with Oswald Patton in the Beaver Boys sketch was great, and a Man Vs Wild marathon. All that one really needs to break up all the dishes we had to wash and floors we had to clean.

I love throwing parties!

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