Wednesday, November 7, 2007

When the leaves turn dark, I've got a hiding place in Central Park

We have some of the best friends ever. Thank you best friends. You are mucho appreciated.

Rediscovered The Capeman and still really like it. Espec. Trailways Bus. That song just kills me. So did the Alive Day: Stories from Iraq, the HBO special we'd tivo'd forever ago and Chris said he just couldn't handle to watch. (I'm so glad he's out of a newsroom). But I thought, I can handle it. War makes me emotional but not uncontrollable. I can take my share of gore and stories.

I was mistaken. I boo hoo'd all over the place. It was such an excellent interview series. The one man saying he was a grown man, 41 years old, with the brain of a 6 year old. He couldn't even remember his son's name and would call his brother, who helps him remember, but he'd have to call him at work, and it wasn't worth bothering him after all he'd done.

Just killer.

But it was well shot, James Gandolfini did a very good job of just sitting back and being quiet. Listening. Veterans. Wow.

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