Thursday, November 8, 2007

To the coffee boys of the world

cleopatra sasanqua camillia

Had too many fair shares of long term crushes, insta-crushes, romances, and dates with the coffee boys of the world. Anytime day or night, they always know how to make me smile. And I appreciate it. Today, for instance, my perfect mental outfit ended up looking a bit adult Catholic school girl. I was working it in a hurry and out of time. Plus all the firemen and police in our yard for our corner hydrant didn't help get me to work any faster (another story) so I didn't have time to make coffee.

Run to local coffee place, order my favorite treat myself treat, vanilla latte (skim milk, the ole lactose allergy, you know), and the cutie coffee boy asks if I'm me and says, "You know, if you don't hear it again today, I want to make sure you know how good you look. Something about a woman in a blazer."

To which I blush, squeal inside, smile, say thanks, die a little like a little girl, grab my coffee and almost trip trying to run out the door. I'd like to say, Self, you handled that well!

But anyway to all the firemen trauma in my neighboorhood, I hope whatever you guys were doing there it's all okay in the end. God, what an awful thing to wake up to, whatever was happening.

Thai food for dinner, leftover thai food for lunch. In light of personal things going on, Hubs and I have been rather drained. He suggested a movie tonight. A good suggestion after tennis and more yard pickup. My very old antique rose is trying so hard to produce the most technicolor hot pink blooms right now. I'm thrilled it's planted right next to my Cleopatra Camillia who is also trying very hard to produce hot pink rimmed with live apricot center blooms right now. If only my Lenten Rose would get off it's ass and make some hot pink blooms like it's supposed to I can get my acid trip garden experience on the road!

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