Thursday, November 15, 2007

Open a window to lift into your dreams

Sandwiches, Jeff Koons

This makes me incredibly happy. Jeff Koons is probably my favorite artist then Damien Hirst and I know that's very posh of me to say and very in and now but I can't help it. The works move me. They make me cry. They make me smile. I laugh and although it's never been hard to make me laugh if you know how, it's very important to me. I also like James Tate, Philip Seymore Hoffman, and pizzas without tomato sauce. That's how I flow with the crowd I guess.

So good for you Jeff Koons. My moma may not understand you but that's okay. I'm looking forward to seeing the Lever House lobby when we go.

Sending the remaining 1st Annual Wilson Holiday Fancy Party invitations out today. Now just plant bulbs, clean house, grocery shop for my first did-it-myself Thanksgiving, football, lose football, sleep sleep sleep.

I was happy to see Rob last night. I am so starving right now.

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