Friday, November 16, 2007

I've got a way with words, she has a way with numbers

yellow walking iris, too rich for my taste

A lyric from one of my fav bands right now right out of Ft Smith, AR: A+ Setup. They have a myspace. You should visit it.

Got to work in the warehouse today with my ipod shuffles and that was fun. Catwalk strutting to Bowie while pulling boxes off incredibly high stacks. I've never minded working in a warehouse setting. I like goods packed away in plastic bubble wrap and boxes. And rockin' out at work is always fun!

Hanging mirrors and drinks with Fanny tonight makes me excited!!

Today I kept working on Christmas with:
-Hog tshirts and noses
-Venus comb
-Badical seashell candle holders
-silk drapes (ok those are for my bedroom)
-puppy treat jar (pupples wants Christmas too!!)
-gold painted faux coral art pieces (I can't even describe how awesome these are)

I lady I work with paid me the best compliment. I complimented her flowy 60s floral pattern skirt and she said I inspired her to dress more colorfully and vintagey and have more fun in her clothes! That was soo cool!!

Sometimes I don't feel like I can truly represent at work because I have to set an example and blah blah and work clothes in an office are alot different than work clothes in retail (more like going out clothes) but I still work my style, try and keep it day-time fierce if you know what I mean. Knee socks with short jumpers and blouses. Black tights, peep toe heels, crisp shirts and pencil skirts. Flowy 50s shirt-dresses. Palazzo pants or trouser jeans with vintage fabric swingcoats. That's what I've been rockin' lately to work. I've been so inspired by my little yellow blonde afro I have right now. It's so chic! I love Peter my new hair guy!!

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