Monday, November 19, 2007

Superfly's Secret Wife

Passion Vine Passiflora

Just say that outloud: Passiflora. It's sweet. Full. Like a peach, or better, a plum.

The coffee can't come fast enough today. I went on a popsicle bender last night and tried to sleep in front of the fire and it was so cozy with a belly full of Simply Fruit and the puppy but I kept waking up and now I suffer. So much for wanting campfire dreams.

We finish raking leaves today (damn leaves-my abdomen, legs, arms, butt are so sore) and laundry and generally getting the house ready for Thanksgiving. I'm so nervous to cook my own first Thanksgiving and especially in light of all the interfamily drama going on. I just hope, fingers crossed, nothing too bad blows up and if so, no one starts crying. The last thing I need is certain parties getting upset this weekend. Makes me want to do drugs.

I'm ready to see Katie.

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