Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Teach me how to love my brothers // who don't know the law

So apparently all you have to do is give me flowers and I'm cool cucumber once again. Thanks, Husband. Thanks, Husband's parents.

To make matters better, I'm getting computer speakers!! Hot child in the city here I come!

My war wound of Turkey Day (a crescent burn at my right thumb-to-hand joint) is not healing so well and has gone from being not soo bad to pretty gross. I would post a picture but it's exactly that, gross. I really can't stand internet spontaneous gross outs, although I do love gross outs. It wasn't so gross until in my time off I decided to practice some piano scales and in seeing just how far my hand will stretch, the skin, well, stretched. You can only imagine. Now it hurts BUT I made some headway in learning my song that I've been learning since this summer. Piano took hiatus to life. I'm looking to get back into it now that the weather's too shitty for tennis and most fun outdoor activities.

Mostly it's a good way to work out my arms without knowing it.

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