Monday, October 22, 2007

wickedness is a myth

What a long weekend. I am going to be so ready to get some exercise and not do shiza this week (except that it's raining all week, boo!) and then go to the farm this weekend and see my baby girl cousins!

It's been wonderful coming back to LR, the reception is great, social season is on, but it's exhausting. I just want to plug in to some Sean Lennon and chill out. That last album of his, it's so good. It's really amazing. And the story behind it is wow. Really true. really sad. Perfect pop.

Anyway been watching some movies still. The Way We Were. One of the most perfect movies of all time. Robert Redford is THE most handsome man on the planet and he's perfect as Hubbel. See ya Hubbel. OH I just die everytime I see that movie. And it's perfect in it's 60-ness depicting the 40s. Babs as Katie, she's so fiery willed and confused. And her hair! OMG her hair! I'm taking a pic of her back in New York days to the salon tomorrow. See what we can work up. It's the kind of movie, well, I had a Hubbel, I know quite a few girls that did and we could all be Katie. And it makes me feel good to know Katie makes it out alive. And anyway it's slightly sentimental.

And then we watched An American Haunting which was good in an old fashioned ghost story kind of way and scary in a creaky house kind of way but other than that not really scary. And then Saw 3 which wasn't scary at all or really that gruesome compared to the others but maybe that's a good thing.

We were going to play tennis tonight after work but I bet it's going to rain and that sucks! I was really wanting to get out there and play.

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