Tuesday, October 23, 2007

out here among us

Holding down the fort solo today did not leave me any time for finishing The Name of the Rose. That's ok, I'll have curling up time in the heat-turned-on house with Bubs for that. He's reading Hell's Angels. I can't wait. Stupid monk murder and mayhem holding me up. It's so snowy looking outside and the cold rain hasn't stopped since yesterday. eek! I lurve it! Too bad Hubs out white wate rafting for work in this. Yech.

Completely jaloux lately hearing that Andy and Misha are heading to Japan. Seems like it's the most popular place lately, my mom, Chrissy, Mandy, now them. It's incredibly chic right now, the far east. I'd like to go for the Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs more than anything, maybe a Yohji Yamamoto hat, the cloud hat from the '00 collection. I used to have dreams about that hat. I used to dream about hats. I still dream about purses.

God sometimes I really miss working in fashion. But I won't be fucking poor and it's not worth the constant heartache. I do miss the annual trips to New York and Las Vegas though. When we get Chris's vacation all lined up after Mexico in July!! (woo hoo!) then we're going to take another trip to NYC, possibly as a pit stop for Paris. We'd like to think that's our next major destination, or Prague. Life loves Praha. I feel in love with a boy in Praha once. Had him convinced I was 22 and working on my master's in la litterature francaise en moderne and that Anne and I were definitely, definitely headed to Spain after Prague. But we weren't; we went and had the most fun at a Phish show in a little hippie village outside of Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have alot of mixed feelings about our time in Europe but that time, that was a good good time.

And in this time, it's time to go home.

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