Friday, October 19, 2007

count on your freedom

A little Tourrette's: Doesn't feel so good now does it? I think Fate is now I think Fate is now eating your shit humble pie. I'd take a slice off your hands because I'm a nice girl, help you out, but I'm already full. Sometimes it's hard to forgive. Sorry I just needed to get that out.

The fair/rodeo combo was a blast last night. I would like to give a standing ovation to the rodeo clown Evil Knevil times, Edwin and Christin Hankins, the Xtreme Swing hand of Death, hard liquor at the rodeo, no horses breaking legs during barrel races, and Bud light. I now feel like big poopy but in a good good way. At least I get off work early and the bulk of the month's work is behind me.

And it's a beautiful day. May go spend lunch taking a nap in the sun. Husband has boys weekend this weekend. No time even for a nice sendoff before Andy gets to town. There's always Sunday for when he gets back.

I wrote a gouly piece appropriate for Fall. If I remember I'll put it up. Something about pine limb curled pincers.

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