Monday, October 15, 2007

because I had the time

Let me try this again Internet Explorer, damn you!

A Door in the Floor was great. I'm not usually a fan of John Irving books so much as the movies made from them. Cider House Rules was another one I really liked. And how could you not, Michael Caine you ether snorting rascal you.

Jeff Bridges is wonderful as the eccentric artist. And who wouldn't love the line, "The door in the floor, it's a vagina." You have to love such a vagina oriented movie. But to say that's the center would be missing alot.

We got our Vegas Christmas spectaular vacation booked. Staying at the quint. Ceasar's Palace (we just can't really afford the Wynn, Red Rock is too far away, and Hard Rock just sucks), seeing Love (will be my 2nd time, it's sooo good) and Penn and Teller (ahh! my crush comes back alive!), visiting out in the desert some, take a little peyote a la Tony Soprano, who knows what could happen. I have to make a couple of dinner reservations, I think, and then we're just counting down the days. Christmas weekend in Las Vegas with my baby will be the best Christmas/1st year anniversary present ever!! I can't wait to go shopping!

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