Tuesday, October 16, 2007

le mot juste

mot, funny typed. funny.

watched another great movie last night since Adult Swim didn't record except Frisky Dingo (God I love those Sea Quest guys)--

The Squid and the Whale.

Okay so it wasn't as dramatic as all that but it was wholly good. Pretentious characters but the writing wasn't. Extremely solid story line. Interesting but normal. Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a nice way to start our Halloween scary movie-a-thon. 28 weeks later and Saw 3, here we come!!

In no less than an average miracle, my hair has grown back longer than it was pre-haircut in just 4 weeks. The blonde looks a little washed but more natural even. My brother really liked it which surprised me. Chris really likes it which surprised me. I get it did and a massage in exactly 1 week. For Anne's mom's party and Franke's sister's wedding I am thinking of bunning it up, Art Deco style, and wearing a long gown and very very dangerously high heels.

I wear flats so much at work that I need some danger and we don't really go out anymore except to sit on porches (which I LUV by the way) and so heels don't really go. It's high time I swapped purses too. Something more fall. I'm thinking the cherry Murakami bowling bag. I'm summer'd out. Time to turn in the sandles and jeans for a little bit more glam.

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