Friday, June 22, 2007

You wasted life why wouldn't you waste the afterlife

That Modest Mouse cd is my house cleaning cd. A lot easier to clean house to than their other stuff. Get it done!

So another house on our street went up FSBO damnit. Making it hard on a family! We had some good nibbles. I just please please please let it be that easy. Violins and ivy vines and such.

My neck is frozen again. Good thing hubs bought (me) a Nintendo DS last night!! Woo!!! It's white (I wanted pink but then again it's not really mine) and we got the Brain Game and Animal Crossing. I'm completely, in 5 hours time, addicted to both. From the way I completely stole it, he'll maybe get me my own. A pink one for sure!! And then I'll have to buy him the surgery game, which I am totally cool with.

Going to get the house inspected Saturday. Very excited. Our house open house pt 2 is Sunday. Not so excited but I can play DS after Hubs goes to work. exciting!! I'm never reading a book or watching tv again!!

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