Friday, June 22, 2007

wu I slam I am coming and scream at you like Tarzan

Ah Wu Tang Clan. I need to repurchase 36 Chambers of Death or whatever that glorious album was called.

FURDGE! Best day is turning into worst day. That fucking albatross Spark is once again coming to bite me in the ass chapter millionth! I might be getting sued over some bs insurance workman's comp deal. MotherF'ers!! I have paid my dues in money, so much money, and tears and Jesus I KNOW now that my idea wasn't meant to be for Fuck's Sake! Leave me be. I would still do it for someone else though. I would still do a lot of things involved. And it was so good in the beginning and it kills me how it died.

Fuck this. I am NOT going to cry over this shit anymore and esp. not at work. Assholes.

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