Tuesday, June 26, 2007

icky thump

Hubs got the new White Stripes in. And thus I've been listening to alot of white stripes lately. Heretofor I don't know. i just wanted to say heretofor. That is a real word, right?

Next week is me and Keely suntan time! woo!! I am going to lay under the sun, read, and hopefully have our house sold!!!

I'm showing it again (2 days ina row) to the same nice young couple. They're bringing their mom this time. woo! Go house for sale!! It's been frustrating because all I can think of is getting in our new house!

It's amazing, if things go right in our lives (Allah be praised) our new house will be the house we start a family in. Start having kids come around and stuff. Getting old with porch friends and kind. I'm really excited. It's hard not to let my clock tick me on over to adoption websites. Maybe we'll try to have our own baby. I go back and forth all the time and that's all without having been checked out. And I don't even like kids. Where's the push? I understand now when they say it comes from within. Kids. What little fuckers.

Did you hear about that kid in New Zealand who's parents wanted to name him 4real bc when they saw the ultrasound of the baby it finally hit them how real it was. Yeah, 4real. Free My Boo. Word.

Chris's 10 year reunion next weekend!! Woo! We'll be partying it up 1997 style! (I guess).

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