Wednesday, June 27, 2007

drizzle for rizzle my nizzle

I love this kind of rain. Stand out in your yard and garden and get wet feet with your lover rain. Footprints all over the just cleaned floors and you hold on to each other, soft cheeked and sleepy eyed, rain.

I love working summer hours my last few days here!! woo! We're supposed to get a contract on our house tonight, and I only say that even though nothing's been promised, we're ready. And are we. We're ready, it's the right time, I've blown my nose out on my sacred alchemy potion (maybe they'll let me keep that after I leave), and it's just right.

It's right because of all the wonderful events that have happened to me there've been enough too that I want to forget. I've been saying goodbye to a lot of people in my sleep, in my dreams. Hubs says I'm back to grinding my teeth which doesn't surprise me bc as much as I need to let some people go, I don't want to. It's hard to think how good it was, how much fun we had, shenanigans and such. But I also just don't have the energy to care anymore. And hasn't that always been (what people tell me) wherein my problem lies. I care too much and it hurts too much when people don't care as much back. Which, you know, is fine. Really. I've had a good run here but I need a new row to hoe. So sorry if I don't write you back, tell you how beautiful your children are, how happy I am that you're engaged/recently married/finally divorced/rehabbed/reshaped/reborn. It's not that I don't care. I just don't really care. Anymore. Sorry. I wish people all the happiness in the world, but if I'm not talking to you now, chances are pretty good that I won't be ever again.

It makes me look really forward to those who are coming back that I am talking to. Those are the stories I'm most interested in hearing now.

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