Friday, May 4, 2007


I can't stop listening to Emily.

Or Dexy's Midnight runners!! Woo!!

Sun is out, plans are in motion for the weekend, my flowers are all psychadelical in color, plans are set for the whole month of May: this is the best time of my life. Right now. This second. The butterflies in my stomach are almost too much. Good thing my work has mandatory meditation (which I take outside) to clear our minds and rechannel the energy in our chakras (which SamRex, are not all in my bathsuit areas, haha). What a load. I gotta remember to buy a prism set before I ever leave here.

Wilbur graduated from Beginner Obedience School and just in time too. An old philosphy professor of mine, aptly dubbed The Mad Hatter, teaches intermediate! I couldn't handle it.

So we celebrated Cinco d Mayo early last night with margaritas, nachos, and a mariachi band at Friday's. Haha. We've become suburbia.

Hope friends come over for graduation festivities next weekend. And then LR. And then Hot Springs. And then, baited breath.

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