Saturday, May 5, 2007

May the Force Be with You Donald

The Humane Society Dog Walk thing was fun this morning. Lots of doggies. Lots of Wilbur. We found Louisa, Wilbur's soon to be companion. We've just got to get more settled.. I can't wait!!

I love love love Woody Allen. LOVE his movies. Deconstructing Harry must be one of my favorites. And God, the Jedi Bar Mitzvah. Wow. What a film. After Melinda and Melinda, on the dvr list, I think I'll have seen them all. I like being a completionist with my favorite authors, and even though Woody Allen is film, I consider him right up there. Makes me wish I had more Jewish understanding. The best 2 lines are back to back:

"The Jews haven't sufferd enough without being depicted as homocidal cannibals."
"He's betting everything on physics and pussy."

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