Tuesday, May 1, 2007

i told you so

but i lied.

Last night's dream was awful. Made me late for work. I beat up a girl I've never even seen before. In a cabin in the woods. Anne was there. We were all being hunted. Strange.

As much as I love Eddie Izzard, I just can't get into The Riches. But I love Eddie Izzard. It's hard but I know it's all Minnie Driver's fault. I hate Minnie Driver. She's right up there with Julia Stiles.

I need to get away. I gotta get away!!!!

Memorial day weekend and the lake, plans is plans. Thank you LORD!

Looking forward to whatever Thursday brings, even if it means missing puppy school 2 weeks in a row. Whoops. I do feel bad. But he is just a dog.

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