Wednesday, April 25, 2007

sunday sunday sunday

I like my job most of the time.

Like they're previewing the new Tori album on her myspace page and we're all doing office work of sorts and I was playing it and when You can Bring Your Dog came on all the women her started "Oooh oohh oooh oooh oooh-ing" with me. It was fun. So I got that and the new Bjork preordered. Looking forward to trying to catch them both on tour this summer although we all know Tori's a lot more likely to see. And I've seen Bjork before (from waaay afar) when Anne and I went to Europe at some festival I've forgotten the name of with a bunch of rowdy drunk Germans (imagine),

Listening to a bunch of mix cds and I'll just say it, I like some songs (handful for each band) but I just can't like Pavement and Guided by Voices and as lame as that makes me or whateverthefuck, I'm tired of trying and ready to move on with my life.

Clambake Shrimpboil a la Mohoganus Saturday and Girls Club Friday!! I can hardly wait!

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