Friday, April 27, 2007

Texas, a quitter

So I wrote it. And I'm proud. Suck it!

The bill collector, they ring my phone, and scare my wife when I'm not home, even though I cancled that account months ago and don't actually owe anything and it's not my fault their stupid accounts receivable can't take me off the list quit calling my phone!! We were closed during your billing cycle arseholes!!!

And anyway. Lots to do. Bad hair day. Ready for red bull and dancing. Ready for more movies than we can watch. Lately:

-Shopgirl --Sucked it. So totally freaking boring, melodramatic, crap and I hate Claire Danes anyway.

-Memoirs of A Geisha-- sucked it too. They couldn't even come close to the lovely, if not Oprahy descriptions in the book. "In placing the fabric here, along the nape of the neck, we will show them a cleft of a peach, to remind them of the cleft they will not see."

-The Lakehouse--I couldn't help it but still sucking. I really like both Keanu and Sandra but a magical, mystical mailbox, come on.

If you can't tell, I haven't been feeling very well lately (down in my back from digging in the garden), so I've been tackling the really difficult stuff to make my brain work overtime.

We got infranetter at the house! So many plans to hatch...

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