Tuesday, April 24, 2007


My clothes

It's pouring and I love it. Tip of the hat to you God, thanks for saving me no less than 20 trips to the faucet and back (although I do love what lugging buckets and watering cans of water is doing to my shoulders and back). I kinda needed a break from that anyway.

No body knows me

Being super duper busy at work is making me super duper busy writing alot. I already have a v. fun, v. silly 2nd piece in the works. It's rough though, so I'll spare you. I'm flexing my rhyme bone though and it makes me laugh.

Like my clothes

And my dahlias are growing!

Ready for some R&R. Mexico, we are heading your way sooner than you think. But first I have to get thee to the bakery and order 6 turtle shaped cupcakes for my boss' birthday (we're doing the HOTS program and she's a turtle, I'm an owl. Hoot Hoot!), get thee to the jewelry store and find out the cost of dipping my rings in platinum since I've developed a metal allergy, get home and feed the hungry donkey bear farm, and then a movie, sweet time, snoring.

All building up to Friday night dancing girls club!! I love my life right now.

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