Tuesday, April 10, 2007

everytime i think i know where i stand

Garagh. I have a really big secret and a really little secret and I can't wait until this weekend when I can finally tell everyone. And no, thank God, I'm not preggers but thanks for playing.

I have to say it was incredibly strange at Birthday Beltaine to hear everyone talk about how much they are ready to start on kids and this and that and the other. I want a family but Christ it terrifies me. Kids. yuck. They poop mud. How many times to I have to say that? Why doesn't anyone believe me? It was great to have such long Thin Lizzy discussions.

God I can't wait to go to Ireland. Chris starts his web design schooling in May through the summer and then Ireland in August and then (gasp!).

Also looking forward to Lovell's masters thesis show and BBQ Saturday, also looking forward to NAMAs on Thursday, also looking forward to some down time tonight and dinner with my honey AND looking forward to narrating Shane's animated project. I think it's going to be pretty spiffy.

Everything in this world must have come from somewhere

No not her, she came out of thin air.

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