Thursday, April 12, 2007

doodie shoots

hahaha. Today my job title has changed to add "Mass Merchandise Liquidator." It makes me feel kinda dirty, but in a good way.

NAMA tonight. Off tomorrow for various sundry things like "Talking to my Retirement Investor," and "Tooth Plaque Scraping 101." And then Grindhouse. And then MFA show. And then rest rest recoup.

I am so excited to see the looks on some of the winner's faces tonight. I know they won't be expecting it at all.

I keep having action movie dreams in a hovercraft. I wish Chris would end the Bond film festival in our living room already.

We saw 300 last night. Very good despite droning narration. And wow. I'm not normally like this but it made me very, um, respectful of the human form. Yeah. Wow.

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