Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vaseline over the Lenses

Just as the acorn existed within the oak, even when the oak was a seedling; and as the oak existed within the earth, even before there were trees; and as the earth existed within the galaxy, even before there were planets... there has never been a time, dear sweet Su-Lauren, when you did not exist within me... during which we dreamed all else into being.

Far out.

Love you.

Well done.
Happy everything,
    The Universe

These last few weeks before the baby's here (3!!!) are getting to me. All the gross, unlady-like physical symptoms are really getting to me. I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions out the wazoo which makes Felix get all crazy jumpy, and that's wonderful. But then the horrid acid indigestion (to put it so politely) that comes with that- Vom. Literally!

So I'm ready to have this baby. Pregnancy stage, been there done that. I am really trying to listen to everyone who says Oh I just savored those last weeks. It'll be the last time with that baby that you can just be the one body and two of you together. But really. I'm over it. And the whole, Once they're out they can't go back in, scare tactic, over that too. I'm ready to have this baby (I think). Husband is ready to have this baby (I think). It's time to get this story started. (burp)

Of Montreal makes me very happy!

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