Thursday, September 2, 2010

Party over here

So we finally did it and that's why I've been so absent.

We finished the renovations (top to bottom) on a house that's almost 100 years old. We started about this time (early October) LAST YEAR.

We moved.

I'm so pregnant that I'm in my third trimester soon!

We are unpacked almost entirely.

We are going on vacation to Mexico THANK GOD.

My latest belly joke is that I can no longer sneak around corners. I still love being pregnant and Husband and I are in trouble because if it's always this relatively easy, I see 3 coming, bing, bang, boom.

My son already has so much personality. He LOVES him some Pastoral Symphony but has no reaction to Tony Allen's Black Voices (which is the best). He kicks me non-stop making me know he's going to be a go-getter. He loves to camp out right under/in my ribs because he's going to be snuggler. So, you know, I don't need to be able to move so much. Not for that.

And it's truly brought me and Husband closer than I could have ever imagined, in both the earthly spiritual way as there's nothing we wouldn't ever do for each other at this point, and the worldly realistic as hey! I can't see to shave everywhere anymore, my bad, but it still needs to be done, trust me.

You just do it for each other. And it's nice.

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