Wednesday, September 22, 2010

He came a long way just to explain.

So things have been busy. Babymoon in Mexico was wonderful except that I was really too preggo to ever be that comfortable but having our friends Brandon and Jennifer join us was a wonderful treat. And Husband got to scuba duba his heart out and I got tons of reading done (most of the True Blood books , I confess) in the sun. A tan is a nice thing to have when you feel house sized.

We snorkled and saw a 5 foot long barracuda that almost sent me into labor. We snorkled and saw sharks. We snorkled to a starfish breeding ground and saw all the beautiful starfish. Soft and pliable on the sea floor, rock hard when you pick them up. It was pretty neat. We snorkled and did not see an octopus (pulpo) but that's okay because the first time I see my totem animal, I really want it to be as a diver, up close and personal, not from the surface.

So that was good. And we've unpacked even more. Got more things done on the house (fence, deck) and are trying to settle in. Now it's mostly all about baby. And naps. And eating snacks. You know, the good things.

So I'd like to use some of this space to talk a little about ideas Husband and I are committing to and throwing around for the bebe. You may have noticed new link button things on the side for Kelly's Closet (and I would love a button for Cotton Babies). We have committed to making our house a cloth diaper one. Not 100% in the beginning (meconium, yuck) but working towards that ASAP. Through wonderful sales that Kelly's Closet is always having, we've been able to create our original stock pile consisting of several different brands of CD's that I am extremely happy with pre-baby.

So much so that I even started sewing my own cloth wipes thanks to the youngest at heart and I am so happy with them! I will post a pic later. It may seem I am suddenly off the deep end but trust me, it's a habit I've been nursing since the day after I found out I was expecting.

Husband and I are blessed to be fairly economically stable, although I can already see the money savings by using cloth. We are very environmentally conscious, recycling everything humanly possible, composting, buying local, etc. In brushing up on my sewing skills I am even slowly convincing myself that I could probably sew baby clothes too. My mom sewed most of my clothes herself up to my entering the 7th grade. And I had some COOL clothes.

Here's another DIY wipe "recipe" if you're interested.  (Thanks Angela and Serena!)

So it's more about choice. I love that in this day and age being a crunchy mom is a choice, not something necessarily forced upon you. I would love it if all this long hair I'm growing will stay put after Felix is born and I can wear it long and beaded with my jeans and silky tunics. It's good to mix up the system's expectations every now and then, right?

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