Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hearts afire

I know I have been so distant lately. Sodistant. And it's nothing personal it's just that it's been everything personal and I've not been at liberty to discuss. If you ask, maybe I will tell you one on one, but really it's been more about me and Husband. So maybe I won't.

Boo. Radley.

Anyway just know, you out there, that I miss you. I think about you all the time. I know I don't show it so well lately. Not even many funny posts! But soon enough I will be filling your head again with all sorts of nonsense and nonesuch.

Have you seen this? (sorry for the horrible video quality)

But when he recites Jabberwock, which is so totally vile and creepy anyway, I just get shivers up my spine.

Personally I enjoyed the movie. But it had 3 of my favorite components (so it's really not fair): Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, 3D! THE THIRD DIMENSION!

Okay. Early day off work. Time to plan my vegetable garden me and my friend Will C will be planting!!

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