Thursday, April 22, 2010

and it all comes back again

You know what? Just don't be a dick. Just stop all that right now.

In other news, I too must be a genius 'cause my desks ALWAYS look like this:

Einstein's desk. Just like your mom said, kids, always wear clean underwear and clean your desk off daily! You don't know what day will be your last!

Working on updating contract price lists today and wishing I were at the beach. Permanently. I think I would make a good beach bum.

Things that do not belong in your vagina. One: USB Flashdrive. I like how he's like, I would still have sex with you. I just want my flashdrive back. Guys. Sheesh.

So I think I now have enough balls to read the Push by Sapphire book. But, you know, maybe not.

(So did you like that, how I slipped in that lil' bit o' Did ya? Did ya? huh huh?)

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