Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We had my brother-in-law in town job hunting in PR so we had dinner with our friend Spencer and his gf Jenn. Spence is all up in some marketing/pr so I thought some good advice could be shared. It went well and everyone loved dinner.

I made steamed fresh, whole greenbeans with butter and sesame seeds. Turkey meatballs which are amazing (see the recipie below), and roasted new potatoes with fresh Rosemary. Dessert was mixed dried cherries from our trip to Seattle. Bing, tart, and Rainier. Awesome sauce.

Turkey meatballs:
-ground turkey 85/15 bc you need a little fat
-Ricotta cheese
-Parmesan cheese
-smidge olive oil
-seasonings to taste
-lots of yummy Fennel seeds!
-egg and crackers to stick it all together

Mash it all with your hands and make meatballs. Thirty minutes at 400 degrees! Until golden brown.

I also made some soup for my friend Amber who is embarking on some serious life changes. It's carrot, Ginger, saffron, garlic cream soup. Basically the prettiest, creamiest, tastiest soup ever.

And tonight, I get to eat it!

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